Agnes Garbowska

About Me

Comic book and children's illustrator

Comic Work:
Marvel Comics - Girl Comics
Marvel Comics - Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special
Aspen Comics - Swimsuit special - Pin-up
Fred Kennedy - Teuton Vol. 2

Self-Published Comics:
You, Me, and Zombie Prelude
MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1

Web Comics:
You, Me, and Zombie
Waking Up Abbey
Imagination Station
Boo Bear and Flo - Saturday Morning Webtoons

Children's Books:
Yogurt the Ogre Christmas Special - Pdoink
Yogurt the Ogre Books 1-6 - Pdoink

Sketch Cards:
Topps Trading Cards - Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Mars Attacks
5FINITY Productions - Kitty Ditties and Pretty Ladies

Illustration Work:
Earth Rated Poopbags Illustrations


For more art and web comics:
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